is a band from Orleans (France) formed in 2009, delivering high energy music labeled as
Industrial Rock Metal.

Dèj (vocals, guitar), Will (guitar), Elie (bass), DDA (drums) and Flo (machines / samples) offer a blend of all their musical influences by keeping only the energy and power.

Inspired by bands such as Rammstein, Nickelback, KoRn, Linkin Park, Stone Sour, or by electro superstars like Daft Punk and Prodigy, LAST AVENUE mixes heavy guitars and electro-pop anthems.

They sonically, visually and scenically address the contrast between organic and digital life, exploring our dependence towards machines. 

The first single issued on Otcober 21st 2013, signed on TINPLHO RECORDS and distributed by Send The Wood Music (Gnô, Hord, The Mars Chronicles...), followed by a 12 track album on February 2014 named ANALOG 1.1.

After more than a year of hard work alongside TINPLHO RECORDS, LAST AVENUE keeps its workflow as an independent band with full artistic freedom.

The new album INTEGRATION PROTOCOL, released on February 2015, enabled the band to develop its universe and integrate other human beings in the process.

Christian CARVIN (Psykup, The Mars Chronicles…) took over the mix and mastering, delivering a warmer and much more powerful sound.

Guests Roman ROUZINE (The Tria, Guitar Part magazine) and Devy DIADEMA (The Mars Chronicles) brought guitar tones literally out of this world on two of the 12 tracks of this straightforward and uncompromising album.

After a year of work, the band release IDENTITY, the 3rd full length album, out on 3rd Novembrer 2017. A mature one, more massive and punchy.


LAST AVENUE proudly uses:

Ableton Live       Two Notes

Skull Strings   Psy Art Shop

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